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Temporary agencies fill employee gaps on a provisional basis, whether it be a spike in seasonal business, employee coverage, or a temporary to hire situation. When human capital is depleted, this is a quick way to send in more troops and typically not have to provide benefits like health insurance and 401. However, the average fee is anywhere from 25-50% of the worker’s salary, depending on skill level, and may also require pre-hiring service costs. You are hiring an entire professional staff in HR, payroll, pros and cons of using a staffing agency work comp, & risk management for less than 1 full-time employee. You also get to make significant decisions concerning employment policies, including benefits and holiday pay. One of the disadvantages of hiring temporary workers is it can take some time to get the staffer up-to-speed as a productive and contributing team member. For example, getting acquainted with the company and learning how to safely operate a particular piece of machinery or utilize a new software program can come with a learning curve.

pros and cons of using a staffing agency

In particular, full-time staffers may wonder if they’ll eventually be replaced by temp help, which can lead to lower productivity and poor morale. If you have a revolving door of temp workers through your organization, you also may find it difficult for team members to establish bonds that are necessary for collaborative and productive work efforts. On the other hand, if you’re company will grow an keep hiring, you might be better off by investing into building your own, in-house recruiting team. That way, you will have a greater control over your employer brand.

Con #4: Recruiting Is Essentially A Sales Job

With direct-hire, there will most likely be many highly qualified candidates applying for the role. This can make it easier to hire the right person faster or for a specific skill. When the employee is on the organization’s payroll, it allows the business to avoid the annuity costs associated with contract-to-hire candidates. This may also create stronger buy-in to company goals and culture, which can be more challenging to achieve with a temporary or contract worker who may not be staying for the long haul. Employees with strong buy-in tend to be more productive and stay at the company for a longer time.

If someone else in the organization has to invest time to continually bring temp workers up to speed and make them productive, it may not be a cost-effective measure for the company. Businesses may hire temporary workers to fill a short-term need, replace an ill or absent full-time staffer or as a way to reduce payroll costs in general. While the occasional use of such help can be beneficial to a business, there are some downsides to the approach. With direct-hire, there is less time to assess whether the person is indeed the right fit for a role before making them a full-time offer. This is why it is so important that the staffing agency is focused on making the right hire the first time when entering into a direct-hire agreement, and why direct-hire staffing insurance should be secured. In the end, it all boils down to the company’s needs, budget, and the type of candidates they are seeking. ADAPTURE is a proven IT staffing company that will find the right candidate that fits the need of the client, whether it be temporary or permanent.

Con: Too Many Temp Jobs Looks Bad On Your Resume

If fast hiring is a number one priority, then a temporary candidate may be the better way to go. The majority of job seekers want a permanent, full-time position over a temporary, part-time one, so some won’t even consider a position that’s not full time or permanent.

You will also be able to build your own talent pool of qualified candidates, which can significantly improve your time, cost and quality of hire. There has been substantial growth of so-called ‘head-hunters’ or recruitment consultants. As the terms suggest, these are private firms and agencies of recruitment consultants who earn fees by meeting the job needs of organizations for specialist and senior managerial staff. This method has provided its value to the employer and employee clientele of these agencies. Fifty-eight percent of companies planning to hire temps in 2016 also expect to move some of them into full-time positions, according to CareerBuilder. If you’re in the market for a permanent position, a temp-to-hire gig can be a way to get your foot in the door and see if you really like a job before committing to regular, full-time employment. But in some cases, a promised full-time position never materializes, and you’re left in limbo for months or even years (a condition known as “permatemping”).

The Pros And Cons Of Professional Employer Organizations

This means you are being sent employees who already have the knowledge required to do the job they are given. At most, all you’ll need to do is give them instruction on any special requirements pros and cons of using a staffing agency that are unique to your business. Retained agencies typically fill high-level executive positions and do all the heavy lifting that comes with hunting out prospective talent.

Do you get a w2 from temp agencies?

Your employer will also pay half your payroll taxes for you. When working through a staffing agency, you are considered an employee of the staffing agency. You can expect to receive your W-2 stubs in January with the amount you have been paid by the staffing agency, just as you would for a full-time employer.

Temporary is a type of recruitment where a company is seeking candidates to work on temporary projects with different clients. During times of economic uncertainty and general slow periods, staffing agencies offer employers the flexibility of bringing on skilled contractor workers to complete short term projects and assignments.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hiring Temporary Workers

Despite concerns about the way some temp workers are treated, many people have little choice but to accept this form of employment, especially if jobs are scarce or their skills limited. Perhaps you’ve lost your job and are considering a temporary job to avoid resume gaps while you look for something more permanent. Maybe you’re a stay-at-home parent looking to get back in the workforce, a new grad looking to gain experience, or a retiree who wants to make some extra cash. Whatever your situation, there are some important things to consider before you take a temporary position.

Training time.No matter how skilled or experienced the temporary worker, he or she must get up to speed on your way of doing business. Factory workers may need to familiarize themselves with a unique piece of equipment. Office staff may require handholding to grasp the quirks of your proprietary software. When permanent employees are tasked with training the worker, short-term efficiency may suffer. Ability to evaluate potential employees before hiring.With pros and cons of using a staffing agency a temporary worker, you can “test drive” before you buy. An agency staffer generally comes with few strings attached, so you’re afforded the opportunity to assess a person’s skills, personality and fit with your company before committing to a long-term relationship. If you use temporary workers in place of full-time staffers as a way to reduce costs or to avoid paying benefits, it can create an environment in which employees feel undervalued in general.

Whether You Are Looking To Advance Your Career Or You Are A Job Seeker

They will seek out possible candidates, and reach out with job offers from their clients. Depending on the skill level of the desired candidate, there can be an up-front retainer fee for the employer they represent that ranges anywhere from 25-35% of the new hire’s projected salary.

All employees, whether temporary or permanent, need a thorough understanding of your operations, policies, safety regulations and general rules to deliver optimal work. Not only do you have to staff it but you also have many costs you might not consider at first. The space needed to house the staff and all the paperwork costs money. In addition, your HR department is responsible for keeping track of employee hours, knowing what the latest labor laws are and how to comply with those laws. You can run your business in less space and not worry about additional salaries and benefits. Many staffing agencies require demonstration of a certain level of knowledge before sending a candidate out for an assignment.


Temp jobs are the new normal when it comes to employment in the United States. In 2015, an average of 3.3 million people every week worked for a staffing agency, according to the American Staffing Association, an industry trade group. These positions are an excellent opportunity for employees, because like contract positions, they offer a foot-in-the-door at larger companies who may or may not advertise direct hire positions. Best of all, if you do your job the right way and have the right attitude, nine times out of 10, taking on a Right to Hire assignment will get you a permanent job. Using temporary employees is a great way to reduce costs and save money…and using staffing agencies is the best way to make sure that your temporary employees can get the job done to your standards. A staffing agency can provide competent staff in a short time frame, but they will still need to be trained.

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