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Imagine if I told you you’re more than capable of imagining, thinking and shooting Milky Way pictures which will put people into what I call a sharing trance? Can you think it? These days, nearly everyone can take photographs of the nighttime Sky, even great ones. Night sky photography in general, along with MIlky Way photography in particular, have become highly common. You see it every day, social websites have been filled up with multiple amazing Milky Way pictures, released by excellent photographers hoping that their job will be massively shared. Alas, the truth is that just a couple attain to move viral. Why? 1 possible answer is: internal remarkability. Social transmission expert, Jonah Berger, at his New York Times Bestseller book’Contagious: why things catch ‘, asserts that:”Spectacular matters offer social currency because they make the people who discuss these seem, well, more notable [… ] Sharing extraordinary, book, or entertaining stories or ads makes people look more extraordinary, book, and entertaining [… ] Not surprisingly then, impressive things get caught more frequently. “So how can you make photos so that people will share and talk about? The exact same internal remarkability principle applies. Taking great photos isn’t enough, they need to be truly remarkable. The theory behind this article is to help Best Via Lactea Presets you tell better stories during your Milky Way photography, which means that your message reaches more visitors. In the age when Whatsapp, social networks and tv are all fighting for our attention and when more photos than you can possibly see in your entire life are printed daily – you have to find out to make really remarkable photos your friends and followers can’t prevent sharing and talking about… They will disperse your story, your message)Thus… In this guide, I’ll cover everything you want to turn your Milky Way photograph ideas into genuinely legendary pictures… Everything! From lots of Milky Way pictures to inspire you, an entire Milky Way viewing calendar for 2020 (using the best months of this year you can photograph the Milky Way) and how to use this PhotoPills program to plan some Milky Way photograph you imagine… Quite simply, to locate the appropriate shooting place and date and time that the Milky Way picture you imagine actually occurs. So you can go and catch it! To all of the equipment you need and how to use it to picture the Milky Way step by step. And needless to say, this includes the many used Milky Way camera settings! All this will become clear as you read through this manual

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