Outline – Introduction for Argumentative Writing

hey everybody what’s up it’s mr. Thomas again and I am here for part two of the argumentative writing video series so without any further ado let’s go ahead and break it down break it down okay so last time we were together we talked a little bit about the argumentative writing template did I share what you guys aren’t Edmodo we have five parts to it you can always have more but we started off with the introduction point A to point B point C and then the conclusion so what we want to do today is that we were gonna try to fill this in right here by actually you know me giving you an example of what to do so remember your classes topic that’s what you’re gonna be doing but I picked my own topic my resolution or what’s going to be debated is that professional athletes get paid too much money and specifically let’s narrow it down to NBA NBA players get paid too much money so if I was on the pro side then that means I would agree with that statement I would agree that NBA players get paid too much money if I were on the con side then I would disagree and I would be saying now professional NBA players don’t get paid too much money so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna go ahead and pick the pro side yeah cuz I’m a hater like that ah but um let me show you how this works so we’re gonna go ahead and start filling in this essay so in our introductory paragraph I’m just gonna go down here to point A and it’s up to you whether or not you want to use full sentences and you’re drafting your you know when you’re filling out your outline it might make it easier when you actually get to you know the writing phase but you know some people just like to put down ideas so let’s go ahead and get started let’s go onto internet here and let me let me see if I can find an attention-grabber what you might remember from the analytic essay is that an attention-grabber could be a statistic it could be an anecdote meaning a story just something to grab the reader’s attention because you don’t want them picking up your work and saying oh this is dry I’m not gonna read that so you need an attention-grabber so let’s go ahead and see if we can find one me personally I like statistics so let me see how much does the average NBA player make let’s find out here and it comes back to me who average salary of over five million per year so let’s say here average salary I think this is it let me see greater sign the crocodile eats the bigger number okay yeah I think that’s right huh no if it’s wrong then you know don’t blame me I’m an English teacher okay so five million per year okay now right here I’m not done because guess what I found this source online but if I leave it like that like it’s my own writing then that would mean it’s plagiarism so what we need to do is that we need to always cite our sources just like how we used to do at the beginning of the year so let me show you guys a quick shortcut there’s an app installed on the iPads called EasyBib and if it’s not there just go to EasyBib comm and it’s gonna make something called a bibliography where you can it’s gonna keep track of your sources for you so what i’m gonna do i found this link right here that’s telling me this and all I’m gonna do is that I am going to copy and paste it in to this EasyBib engine right here and it’s gonna crank it out for me so of course my Internet’s being a little slow we’re not gonna worry about that right now we’re gonna actually come back today but let me think about my points that I want to make the first thing is that I want to see I want to say maybe something like sports are important but more step but stuff is more important let’s say let’s pick a better word and stuff but other jobs are more important so we’re gonna go for example police officers lawyers teachers okay so that’s gonna be my first point now point B let me see let me see what else what else can I say you don’t need that much money to survive and what else is my point see my point see my point see would be that the player I’ll come back to Point C I think about it let’s see how our Internet’s doing right here okay of course the internet is being extra slow like how it does so we’re coming we’ll come back we’re going to UM I want to take care of our sources in just a second hopefully it’ll come up soon but let’s try to come up with a thesis pro athletes now NBA players let’s be specific should get a salary cap of 1 million a year ok and that might be fair all right so point a we’re going to look at other jobs point B how much to survive and point C we’re going to be coming back to this and then our conclusion let’s go down here NBA players should get salary cap ok so so far we’ve filled in a good chunk of our outline I’m thinking I might need to refresh this page since it’s acting so silly okay come on all right bet now it’s coming up so I have my link here let me show you guys how to do this I can just copy the link you see what I did and then I’m gonna paste it right in here and then I’m gonna click on where it says cite it and this is going to give me back a nice citation and of course the all right here we go right here so continue to the final step to edit this information and create your citation so as you see here there’s websites books newspapers journal database all different types of options so I’m gonna go with website obviously and they say we believe to say is credible so this is good because it’s already starting to filter for you with some good information with some not-so-good information so let’s continue here so content published originally on a website this is the article title let’s see do we have an author on here ben shapiro ben shapiro okay and uh let’s see does it have a date yes April 25th 2012 25th April 2012 uh haha alright and then create citation and it’s creating a citation and look at that it’s so beautiful and all I have to do is copy and paste it when I get to the actual bibliography so let me go ahead and put down here note to myself that got this from Shapiro it’s the Shapiro article so when I cite it then I’ll be able to reference back to this okay Ben now point C I still don’t have a point C but let’s um let’s see so I’m going to stop right there for this particular video in the next video we’ll look at different ways to to fill in our body paragraphs so I will catch you all on the flip side see you soon bye bye

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