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Countless species of fauna and flora inhabit this lively and diverse world we live in. Sometimes we do not even bear in mind that there is nature outside our cities and our comfort zone. There is so much wildlife to captivate and capture. Thankfully photographers can discuss the beauty of the world and bring us the most wildlife scenes of animals that we would have never known. Obviously, this isn’t the complete list. It’s some famous names in addition to several IPA winners. If you believe we missed someone, leave us a comment on Facebook and we’ll include them. In no specific order, here is the list of 10 famous and aspiring wildlife enthusiasts. Pursuing the art form of documentary photographs, Michael AW is well-known for his high end colour imagery. His accolades include winning over 65 international photographic awards and being named among the planet’s most influential character photographers by Outdoor Photography. In 2013 he had been the first Asian to be awarded a NOGI from the American Academy of Underwater Science and Arts. Martin Bailey is a nature and wildlife photographer based in Tokyo. He’s a pioneering Podcaster and blogger, Craft & Vision author, Arcanum Master and also X-Rite Coloratti member. Fueled by his passion for travel and nature, and also a tireless desire to share his understanding and artistic vision, Martin is a popular international excursion and workshop leader, helping Top 9 Most Famous Wildlife Photographers photographers from around the world to experience and capture the wonders of the amazing planet we call home. His work has been published by Popular Photography Magazine, X-Rite, Pomegranate, Korean Air, Creation Durable (Paris), Real Music and Light of Consciousness Magazine, Amongst Others. He had five pieces in a combined exhibit Viaggiando Immaginando, at Italy in 2005, and his very first solo exhibit”The Nature of Japan” was held at Toyama, Tokyo, in 2010. Karen Lunney is a modern photographic artist working out of Brisbane and North Stradbroke Island, Queensland, Australia. Her work investigates conditions of transition, liminal space, a location of potential, where a single thing has ceased and the other not yet started. The light of dawn and dusk, the ocean-land port along with also the migration of animals all represent types of liminality. The cultural transitions of individuals compelled to westernise, not sure what culture to save in their brand new modernity along with the climatic changes causing paroxysms around the globe both produce uncertainties for your future together with consequences for all. Jon Cornforth is an award-winning wilderness photographer whose images have been recognized internationally for their masterful essay and amazing detail. He’s forced to state the beauty of the natural world through his photographs, traveling all year, hard himself in new places and documenting the special creatures who reside there. All of his images are recorded in the wild

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